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NEW: Threet guitars have not risen in price since 2003. Since then, overhead and materials costs have risen and the value of the US dollar has dropped. While the old prices will still apply to customers who have sent a deposit, retail and new direct orders will see a significant rise in price. The new price list is below.

N.B.: All prices listed below are highly dependant on ever-increasing materials costs and are thus extremely subject to change. PRICES QUOTED ARE IN U.S. DOLLARS.

Threet guitars are available as either Deluxe or Custom. The Standard is no longer available.

The price of a Deluxe guitar (without case) is $6000.

The price of a Custom guitar (without case):
While many custom options are available, many do result in a surcharge. Especially in the case of alternate tonewoods, this surcharge varies widely and reflects a variety of factors; the cost of the wood itself plus any additional materials, time and/or stress that the use of that wood entails. Below is a list of some (though certainly not all) of the options available.

   highly "bearclawed" sitka $200(+)
   Adirondack spruce $400
back and sides:  
   non-figured Honduras mahogany n.c.
   highly-figured mahogany $500(+)
   Hawaiian koa $750(+)
   Madagascar rosewood $600(+)
   other exotics please call
cutaway $700
solid wood or "fancy" rosette $200(+)
flamed maple binding $500
koa binding $500
Waverly tuners -- nickel $250
Gotoh 510 tuners - gold plated, with ebony buttons $200
custom inlay please call
The price of a CASE:
Calton cases are highly recommended but alternatives are available. Please contact me for advice and prices.

Other possible costs:
In addition to the cost of the instrument and its case, there are the "incidentals" of: applicable taxes and shipping charges (shipping, insurance and, for outside of Canada, duty and brokerage fees).