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This site simply would not have been possible without the talents of the people mentioned on this page. I thank them all for their artistry and friendship.

While I was able to supply some photos myself, the nicer photos have been generously contributed by those on the list below:

Todd Korol -- www.toddkorol.com
John Dean
Rhett Demetrick
Frank Ford -- www.frets.com
Larry Chrismas -- www.cambriapublishing.com

Most on this list are professional photographers -- some of whom have voluntarily given their time and talents to this project. In this regard, I am especially indebted to Todd Korol and to John Dean.

If you wish to know who took each photo please go to the Photo Index and click on a thumbnail that you are interested in.

Chris Anderson -- is the man! His insight and humour -- not to mention his unflagging diplomacy and patience -- were indispensable in designing this site. His curiosity, tenacity and technical wizardry enabled him to (single-handedly) build it. Moreover, he hosts it himself. And he plans to maintain it. And he's teaching me (ever so gently) how to update the "news" page myself. The list goes on -- as does the gratitude. Thanks Chris.